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December 2017

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Passwords and How to Manage Them

The most significant weakness to your security is also perhaps the most basic: passwords. Most people assume passwords are secure, but they present several problems. The most common problems are:

  • using a single password across multiple platforms
  • shared passwords
  • weak passwords

Combating bad password practices takes specific kinds of management. It starts with setting guidelines, then implementing password management tools including privileged access management and concludes with personal password managers. 

Infinite Scrolling.pngSingle password use constitutes a major threat to any organization's security. Only one password needs to be compromised to cause a failure of your corporate security. Organizations should establish password standards and guidelines for reuse. Because passwords are such an integral part of security, passwords should never be shared. A standard for the length and complexity of passwords should be established to assist in security, but not detract from it by making passwords too long or complex to force your users to utilize behaviors which weaken the process. Password reset procedures should be enforced.

Password management tools provide users with a simple and easy method to reset their passwords if their account has been locked out or when they forget the password. The methodology you utilize should be documented in your policy, but it should include a solution which allows your users to self-service their password reset. ProMax offers a process to enable users to reset their passwords without administrative interaction and is a good model for how to set up a tool for your other security needs.

Privileged access management tools apply privileges across a wide range of systems and infrastructures. The utilizing of these tools enables you to assign access based on the individual's roll in the organization and can help you manage administrative access to your network and software. There are a variety of tools out there to choose from; selecting the right one should be based on your corporate needs and budget. 

We all struggle with password management in both our personal and professional environments. Memorizing multiple passwords is a recognized issue with regards to security. The more passwords we try to remember, the less effective we become at keeping track of them. This is where personal password management tools can simplify the process and reduce the issues we have with maintaining 10 to 20 passwords on a day to day basis.

Passwords represent a single point of failure in system and network security. Your management is essential to maintaining a secure and safe environment to conduct your business. Let us help you find the right balance between operating your business successfully and maintaining security and compliance.

If you want to know more about how to protect your dealership call your Dealer Support Specialist at 844-322-9034.

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What are Your Anti-Virus and Malware Solutions?

Every computer you use ProMax on should have anti-virus and malware software installed.  Since every dealership is different, you should figure out what works best for you based on your budget, number of computers, and vendor reputation.  

While we don't recommend any specific software, here are a few places you can research further:

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