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Instant Auto Credit Application

On average, only 2% of dealership website traffic turns into leads. Using soft pull technology, the Instant Auto Credit App increases dealerships’ website leads by turning window shoppers into actual leads.


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What is Instant Auto Credit App?

Instant Auto Credit App is a plug-in ‘call to action’ form that can be placed anywhere on a dealership’s website or used as a stand-alone microsite. Using soft pull technology it enables website visitors to instantly get pre-approved/pre-qualified and also see their exact credit score. It is quick and easy and doesn’t require the customer to provide their Social Security Number. All the customer has to provide is name, address, and email and they will instantly see their pre-approval/pre-qualification status. It’s easy, but very effective!

Why it increases leads?

In today’s technology-driven marketplace, customers want immediate results and at the same time they want it to be as easy as possible to obtain these results. There must be something of value to the customer in order for them to provide their information. Instant Auto Credit App is the product that breaks away from the standard website forms and gives the customer valuable information they can use to enhance and speed up their car buying process.

Valuable & unique information dealerships receive with each lead<

Almost all lead sources provide the same standard information: name, email, phone number, etc. With Instant Auto Credit App dealerships will receive much more. For every pre-approved/pre-qualified lead the dealership will receive the customer’s exact credit score, vehicle payment, interest rate, original loan amount, est. payoff, term of loan, if joint application, and number of times late in the last 24 months. They will also know if the customer has had any auto inquiries in the last 30 days. How nice will it be having this valuable information before you even start to work the lead?

See How Simple the Process Really Is:

We offer versions of this product through both TransUnion and Equifax. Screenshots on this page represent the TransUnion version. Directly from your website the customer fills out quick and easy short form – no SSN# required!

Instant auto credit app

While still on your website the customer will immediately receive their pre-approval status
and their exact credit score!

credit results screen

At the same time your dealership will receive the customers contact information, Auto Summary information, and exact credit score.

Instant screen results


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