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Employment and Income Verification

The Employment & Income Verification Service enables you to get your customer on the right deal earlier in the buying process, leading to more sales at higher grosses.

EIVS is powered by Equifax and utilizes a database of employer-provided payroll records from over 6,000 businesses nationwide, including a large majority of Fortune 500 companies and federal government civilian employers. In addition to accurate employment and income information, it also provides job tenure data, which can be enormously important in assessing a customer’s financial situation.

27% of applicants overstate their income by more than 15%! Conversely, 20% of applicants understate their income by 10% or more! Start your deal with good data- start your deal with the Employment & Income Verification Service!

Reduce your dealership’s risk and get instant access to current information, as recent as the latest paystub! Equifax contracts with thousands of employers nationwide to gather this invaluable data.

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