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Inbound Call Tracking

Track and record with precision all your incoming sales all while being fully integrated with ProMax

Outbound call tracking for your dealership

Incoming sales calls can represent a large portion of a dealership’s leads. Unfortunately most dealerships have no way of tracking them. Without this information they are missing a key component when managing leads, determining which advertising sources are working, and measuring ROI.

Call Manager is our incoming call tracking system which is completely integrated with ProMax. It tells you with precision how many calls you are getting from each advertising source along with how well your calls are being handled by your staff. Every incoming call is automatically tracked, allowing you to measure the results of each advertising source. Not only do we track the calls but we can also record each call for review and training. Within ProMax you will be notified of every new call. Each new call will automatically create a new customer within ProMax along with their pertinent information and voice file.

Make sure your calls are being handled properly

Every incoming call is a potential sale that could generate thousands of dollars. The last thing a dealership wants is to do a good job generating leads only to waste them because their staff, or some members of their staff, are doing a poor job handling. All incoming calls are automatically recorded. This allows the dealership to review calls and train where improvement is needed or replicate where quality performance is occurring. Handling every call properly will increase customer service, appointments, sales, and profits.

Analytics to measure your calls

As stated above, we automatically track and record every call. We also provide all the analytics allowing you to easily measure performance by many different standards. These analytics can be accessed directly from within ProMax or outside of ProMax through the website.


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