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Outbound Call Tracking

Do you have any idea how many outbound calls your sales staff and BDC are making? What about the quality of those calls?

Outbound call tracking for your dealership

You spend a lot of money generating leads. If your reps aren’t following up or making quality calls you could be squandering sales opportunities.  ProMax’s Outbound Call Tracking will allow you to improve sales performance and accountability. Through ProMax, all outgoing calls will be tracked, managed, and can be recorded allowing you to effectively measure your most valuable resource- potential new customers. It also allows you to determine your reps performance and train where improvements are needed. As they say “you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken”. No more wondering if your reps are actually making their calls or the quality of their calls. Now you will know for sure.

We will provide you all the analytics you need to measure your overall and individual reps outgoing call performance. You can access this information from directly within ProMax or from any internet connection. This information will eliminate the guessing and assuming on your end. Now you have factual results allowing you to be better prepared when moving forward.  

“When you track outgoing calls you set an expectation for your team that you will be inspecting their performance for the results you desire.”


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