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Login Issues:

Q.The login boxes are not visible. There is a red X in the login area.
A.ProCredit utilizes an ActiveX Control which requires Internet Explorer to run properly. First, please verify that Internet Explorer is being used to login. If Internet Explorer is being used, the next step would be to verify that the Trusted Sites settings are set correctly. This will allow the ActiveX Control to install and provide the Login Box. To setup Trusted Sites, please see this item, below: Setting up Trusted Sites to ensure that ProCredit operates correctly. If the Login Boxes are still not visible after Trusted Sites have been setup, please call Tech Support at (877) 899-4242.

Q. Setting up Trusted Sites to ensure that ProCredit operates correctly
A. Internet Explorer must have Trusted Sites properly setup for ProCredit to function correctly on many systems. To check or setup Trusted Site, please click on the Tools or Gear button in the top right corner of Internet Explorer and select Internet Options. In the Internet Options page click on the Security tab. Then select Trusted Sites, the green checkmark, and then click the Sites button, just below and to the right of the Trusted Sites button. Verify that the Require Server Verification checkbox is not checked, this is at the bottom of the window that opens up. Check to see if the ProCredit site is added, *, if not please add it. Once the site has been added hit the Close button. Adjust the Security Level for Trusted Sites to Low and then click Apply and OK. Close any open Internet Explorer windows that are currently open. Once Internet Explorer is reopened, Trusted Sites should be setup properly.


Q. Error presented on login, “Error Updating to the Latest Version.”
A. This message means that one of the ProCredit files or applications is still running on that computer. The easiest way to fix this issue would be to do a complete shut down on the computer. Once the computer is completely shut off, wait for 15-20 seconds and then turn the computer back on. After the computer fully loads up, attempt to log back into ProCredit. If the same error message is presented, or if the user cannot login, please call Tech Support at (877) 899-4242.

Q.Antivirus software is blocking the ProCredit software
A.When a notification is presented that antivirus software is blocking the ProCredit software, please choose to allow the ProCredit software to run and ignore it in the future. Alternatively, the dealership’s IT staff could whitelist the entire ProCredit folder inside of your antivirus program to prevent future issues from occurring.

File locations:


Error presented on login that states there is an Unhandled Archive Type.
A. Call Tech Support at 877-899-4242. This happens because the compressed file was not fully downloaded and needs to be replaced. Sometimes this can be done simply by deleting the offending file and logging back into ProCredit. Other times, the file will need to be manually download the pc. The permanent solution would be for the dealership’s IT staff to find what is stopping the file from downloading and correct that issue. Sometimes that is as simple as adding the ProCredit files to an exceptions list.


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